GO's & Proceedings

Leave Rules G.Os

G.O.MS.No.590, Leave for Suffering from Serious diseases- Local bodies & Aided Managements Staff



Health Cards G.O.MS.No.184,Dt.14/08/2012 

Health Cards G.O.Ms.No.174

Health Cards G.O.Ms.No.175 

Health Cards G.O.Ms.No.176

Employees Deta enter G.O.Ms.No.334

G.O.Ms.No.115,dt.25/11/2013 - Drawal of Salary for Samaikyandhra Strike Period

Vote on A/c Budget2014-15/ Aided Salaries- Non Plan(3Months) G.O.MS.No.77

State Govt. Employees Salaries - 24/05/14 - G.O.Ms.No.78, Dt.07/04/2014

2days Basic Pay Contribution for HUD HUD Cyclone CM's Relief Fund G.O.Ms.No.209 dt.07-11-2014

Employees/Pensioners EHF Recovery Deductions Guidelines for Health Cards G.O.Ms.No.210, dt.15-11-2014

G.O.RT.No.890 (Aided Surplus Staff Transfer first Aided next Govt.)

G.O.Ms.No. 103(Aided staff salary first on every month)

CIE Proceedings on Payment of Salaries (Lovagraval IAS)

G.O.Ms.No.35, Dated 27-03-2006

G.O.Ms.No.35 Amendment Dated 12-03-2008

G.O.Ms.No.23,dt.09-03-2011 Higher Edn.AP. for Aided Jr.c's to eligible Preservation of leave and Election duties.

Contrubutory Pension Scheeme G.O.s (CPS)



Jr.College Timings Clarification

9 Days Preservation of E.Ls for 2010-11,to Aided Jr.c Staff

3 Days Preservation of E.Ls for ASE,June 2011 to Aided Jr.C.Staff

Preservation of Leave 2012-13

    Meternity Leave & Other Leave Guidelines from cie circular


 Funeral Charges


MLC Election 21/2/13 One Day S Cl

BIE New Remuneration Rates - 04th March13

BIE Acacadamic Calender 2013-14

Salaries Clarification In Stricke Period G.O R.T No.3529,Dt.27-09-2013

Annual Academic Calendar 2013-14- Certain Modification.pdf 17/09/13 (Dasara Holidays)

Regulation of TELENGANA Strke Period G.O.M.S No.143 (Inter Vidya J.A.C)

Regulation of Telengana Strike Period D.I.E Proceedings 

Samaikyandhra Strike Period Working Days DIE Proceedings

10 Days Preservation of E.L - dated 08-11-2013

Preservation of EL for 2013-14=10days,2012-13=04days, Dated:26/09/2014


10+03+03+01 Days Preservation of E.L - Dated 25-07-2015

10 Days Preservation of E.L - 2015-16  ( 25-05-2016)

03 Days Preservation of EL for ASE 2015-16 (16-07-2016)







Remarks from D.S.E to Govt. on Half-Pay leave to Muncipal and Local bodies 31/10/13.